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50% of Egyptian Market Leaders Are Now Sourcing ACTIVA Biocide!

Companies are always looking for ways to keep their businesses running smoothly and reduce any potential disruptions. This is why most local market leaders switched to working with us in 2022.

Proven Quality and Performance

Our Biocides are tested and proven to perform better than its competitors in the market. With a higher temperature tolerance and a wider pH range, our range of products were proven much more beneficial when tested by customers. This is mainly why 95% of our customers are returning customers. A percentage that shows that most of those who tried our products eagerly came back for more.

Our customers learned through testing that our products meet and exceed all their manufacturing needs, rendering them the best available option in the market. We offer a wide range of products, each designed specifically to meet each industry’s novel manufacturing needs. We currently provide biocides and specialty additives that serve 10 different industries.

Our Products are Manufactured and Sourced Locally

The global economy is volatile, and many businesses are learning to become more reliant on local resources. This way they can avoid problems that come with being dependent on external supply.

ACTIVA International is the first and only biocide and specialty additives manufacturer in Africa, and we currently produce all our products in Egypt. This is a huge advantage for everyone in the local scene to benefit from. Supplying your materials from us can allow your business the chance to reduce cost, have greater control over what quality you get, and ensure a faster uninterrupted manufacturing process.

Tailor Made Solutions

Our goal is to optimize the performance of all of our products and ensure that they meet and exceed customer needs. For this reason, our team mapped out all local water sources serving industrial zones, studying and analyzing their quality in order to develop products specifically for each zone’s needs. We also offer a test and assist service to help tailor our products to your specific needs.
Better, Faster and Smoother communication:
Being in the same time zone allows us to better communicate with our customers. We are able to follow up with them and make sure they are fully satisfied with the quality and service they receive when they do business with us. This means we are more interactive and can respond faster to any last-minute requests or changes. It also allows visits and allows us to offer a wide range of services to our clients such as plant hygiene and laboratory tests.

Reduced Emissions

By sourcing your materials from us, you are reducing travel miles, fuel consumption, packaging and storage. Reducing your consumption and emissions in any way means you are doing your part to help the environment and make things more sustainable for future generations. It can also benefit your business by building consumer confidence and building a positive brand image.

#Detex2024 #detergents#preservingsustainability

We're thrilled to announce that our team will be present at Detex 2024, the highly anticipated detergent event in the Middle East. As industry leaders in the field of preservatives, we're excited to showcase our latest innovations and connect with fellow experts, manufacturers, and enthusiasts in the field.
#Detex2024 #detergents#preservingsustainability