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Here Is How Choosing The Right Biocide Can Help Your Business Survive El Nino


One of the climatic phenomena that is currently having a significant impact on the weather patterns across the globe is El Nino. During this naturally occurring climate pattern, the surface of the tropical Pacific Ocean warms up leading to devastating heatwaves in many parts of the world. It is an episode that normally lasts an average of 10 months and reoccurs every two to seven years. The current episode’s start date was reportedly June of 2023 and is predicted to last until the winter season. The impact of El Nino goes beyond the Pacific, the rise in the ocean’s surface temperature has a ripple effect that contributes to the overall temperature of the globe. Accompanied with global warming, El Nino is on its way to break multiple records of high temperature in various locations.

Such high temperatures can also have a negative economic impact causing businesses to lose millions worth of products. In general, most manufacturers of consumer goods use biocides to preserve their products from microbial contamination. When exposed to high temperatures, the stability and efficacy of biocides can be compromised, diminishing their ability to inhibit microbial growth and prevent spoilage. This can result in accelerated deterioration and reduced shelf life of the products, making them more susceptible to bacterial, fungal, or enzymatic degradation. Additionally, high temperatures can trigger chemical reactions within the product, leading to changes in color, texture, and overall quality. Such alterations can render the product unappealing to consumers and potentially unsafe for consumption.

Choosing the right biocide for your product is a critical step especially during hot seasons. As temperatures rise, microbial growth and activity tend to increase, posing a higher risk of contamination and spoilage. The selection of an appropriate biocide is crucial to ensure effective preservation and protection against microbial growth. Different biocides have varying physical and chemical properties that alter the way they perform. By choosing the right biocide, tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of your product, you can effectively control and inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms. This does not only help extend the shelf life of the product, maintain its quality, and safeguard consumer health and satisfaction but most importantly it will ensure optimal product integrity during the summer season.

CMIT/MIT is a commonly used biocide and preservative in various industrial and consumer products. It is also one of the star ingredients in most of our highly performing ranges of Biocides. One important aspect of CMIT/MIT that makes it a constant pick by our experts, is its thermal stability. CMIT/MIT exhibits good thermal stability, allowing it to maintain its effectiveness and performance at elevated temperatures. The thermal stability of CMIT/MIT is commonly 45°C. However, our CMIT/MIT formulas were able to withstand temperatures as high as 69°C (see figure 1). This stability makes CMIT/MIT a reliable choice for products that require protection against microbial contamination and spoilage specifically during heatwaves such as the current El Nino where our team was able to record temperatures as high as 72°C in direct sunlight (see figure 2). Temperatures this high automatically renders most other biocides ineffective as they would commonly start to break down in temperatures higher than 45°C.

We at ACTIVA work with a variety of active ingredients. With the purpose of always choosing what is good for our planet and customers, our experts have formulated biocides capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 159°C. This way we can guarantee our customers will find biocides that can withstand their manufacturing conditions from our selection. This is all part of a commitment we made to provide our customers with the most reliable products and peace of mind.

It is always important to follow recommended usage guidelines and consider the compatibility of biocides with other ingredients or materials in specific formulations to ensure optimal performance and safety.

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