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CONSTOL ® DE61 is Liquid formulation based on (ethylenedioxy)dimethanol and N-octyl-isothiazolinone.
Preservative for technical, aqueous products such as concrete additives, adhesives, starch slurries, cooling lubricants, etc.
CONSTOL ® DE61 has a well-balanced spectrum of activity covering bacteria, mould and yeasts. It should be used in particularwhen outstanding fungicidal effectiveness is required in combinationwith a good bactericidal effect. (Ethylene dioxy)dimethanol is a so-called formaldehyde donor. In order to ensure the limit value of <1000 ppm of free formaldehyde in the preparation, a maximum of 0.2% of CONCIDE® DE61 related to the total weight of the preparationmay be used.

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