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TYMC Test (Total Yeast and Mold Count)

to detect and quantify the amount of fungal growth on plant material, and allow for identification of viable yeast and mold species present. The amount of fungi is reported as the number of colony forming units (CFUs).

Killing Radius Test (Inhibition Zone)

A Zone of Inhibition Test (also known as the Kirby-Bauer Test, Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test, Disk Diffusion Test or Agar Diffusion Test) is a quick way to assess the antimicrobial activity of a material or solution in relation to a target microorganism.

MIC Test (Minimal Inhibitory Concentration)

In microbiology, the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) is a test that determines the lowest concentration of a antimicrobial agent needed to inhibit the visible in-vitro growth of a challenge microorganism.

Water Microbiological Count Test

Microbiological water analysis is a method of analyzing water to estimate the numbers of bacteria present and to allow for the recovery of microorganisms in order to identify them.

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