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Rejuvix D20

Rejuvix® D20 is a formaldehyde-free formulation of 20% DBNPA. At low concentrations, it is extremely efficient against bacteria and controls planktonic and sessile organisms. At higher concentrations, Rejuvix® D20 is also a fungicide. Algae control is seasonal and situational.

Rejuvix® D20 is completely miscible with water and easily dispersed into your system.

Rejuvix® D20 is a fast-acting, broad-spectrum biocide that is ideal for reducing microbiological contamination in raw materials or products such as aqueous paints, coatings, polymers, slurries, adhesives, latex, resin emulsions, sizing, caulk, process water, and specialty industrial products including inks, polishes, waxes, detergents, and cleansers.

Rejuvix® D20 quickly and economically cleans up these potential sources of contamination without requiring you to shut down or delay production.

In aqueous environments, Rejuvix® D20 decomposes quickly. The entire process may take place with a half-life of less than one-half hour, depending on the system conditions. The active ingredient in Rejuvix® D20 will react with and may be inactivated by strong reducing agents, mercaptobenzothiazole, ammonia, or hydrogen sulfide.

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