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Laboratory Tests

In order for your business to guarantee maximum effectiveness and efficiency of your additive, we utilize multiple tests to give confidence for your additive selection and performance. Every industry, manufacturing standards, raw materials and inputs quality require a special additive that is exclusively designed to fit all actual or potential production requirements. there is where we assist your selection process. 

Aspects We Measure

Microbes Types Microbes Count Biocide Effectiveness Biocide Efficiency

Biocides active ingredients are usually targeted component that deal uniquely different with microbes’ types. This is why it is always recommended to identify all existing types of microbes and be able to predict what other types may generate in your production cycle. This can certainly assist you in choosing the most effective biocide. 

Microbes can exist in various amounts depending on many factors. No matter how much they are, there is always a convenient dosage of biocide that can help you get rid of them. You don’t want to add excessive amount when there is no need neither little amount when you need more. The Microbes Count Test helps you countify the amount of microbes you may have in your production cycle.

In your biocide selection process, we enable you to test the actual effectiveness of the selected biocide on your products and systems. Using Inhabitation Zone test we can simulate the biocide performance on your range of products to leave you with no room of doubt!

Using the right amount of biocide is essential to have the desired outcome. Yet, adding the exact right amount will keep from adding unnecessary amount and waste your resources. Thus, we deploy the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration test to recommend the exact dose of biocides you need to use to ensure effectiveness and efficiency all together!


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We're thrilled to announce that our team will be present at Detex 2024, the highly anticipated detergent event in the Middle East. As industry leaders in the field of preservatives, we're excited to showcase our latest innovations and connect with fellow experts, manufacturers, and enthusiasts in the field.
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