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We at ACTIVA understand the social responsibility we have to preserve and sustain our planet’s resources. In a crucial time like this, and with our planet suffering on so many levels, we believe that we have a critical role to play. This is why we put all our efforts into creating innovative solutions that will help our customers consume less resources and produce less waste.

We contribute to our clients’ ability to build and maintain their business without creating any large social, environmental or economic harm to their environment. These are the three pillars of sustainability on which we as a company manage all our internal and external affairs. In fact, our aim is to start making a positive impact in all three areas in the near future. For these reasons, we are currently on our way to stop supplying formaldehyde completely to our detergents and coatings customers by the year 2023. Our plan is to also raise awareness about its potential environmental and health risks as well as aid the movement to switch towards formaldehyde free alternatives. Our focus right now is to help our clients optimize their use of freshwater. This is water that goes into the production of products as well as other aspects of production like chillers. We are constantly creating products that will help extend their water life cycle and ensure they have With a team like ours, constantly creating products like Rejuvix, we are certain our planet’s future will start to brighten.

Sustainable packaging

Our packaging is made out of 20 to 30 percent recycled plastic, a percentage our supply chain team is working to increase in the next five years.


Our Fill and Go Initiative

We are working on providing our regular customers with eco-friendly refillable tanks. With every new order, our mobile dispensers will deliver and refill these tanks with the agreed upon volume. This initiative will decrease the amount of single use plastic used in packaging while creating a more durable sustainable solution. We also offer free installation and our complete support throughout its process in order to make this transition as smooth as possible for our clients.

#Detex2024 #detergents#preservingsustainability

We're thrilled to announce that our team will be present at Detex 2024, the highly anticipated detergent event in the Middle East. As industry leaders in the field of preservatives, we're excited to showcase our latest innovations and connect with fellow experts, manufacturers, and enthusiasts in the field.
#Detex2024 #detergents#preservingsustainability