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Egypt Is Taking Serious Actions Towards Sustainability

4th of Dec 2022

Deploying Egypt’s 2030 sustainable vision, the Egyptian government and legislative entities are carrying out directions and rules to put sustainability into implementation.  

#Together_For_Implementation was not only a motto for COP27. It is an actual call to action for every organization that can contribute to the global sustainability of people, economy and environment. As a result of this call to action, many organizations have started allocating their efforts into transforming Egypt’s green plan into reality. Being the regulators of the Egyptian production standards, The Egyptian Organization for Standardization (EOS) have put forward new regulations to limit harmful chemicals use in products that have direct interaction with people.

In April 2022, the EOS advanced the rule 116/2022 to direct coatings producer to stop manufacturing products that contain Lead and Formaldehyde that are seriously harmful to people and the environment. Since then, it is compulsory to adhere to attaching the environmental performance rating card onto coatings products to ensure their compatibility with the new sustainability regulations and standards. What is even more interesting is the response of the coatings manufacturers of Egypt in taking immediate action towards implementing the new rule and transforming their products to be greener and healthier.

As a result of this successful step, the EOS is currently working to expand this experience into other industries like detergents, personal, cosmetics and many other sectors. An effective step that can elevate the overall quality of locally produced goods and ensure proper health standards to maintain people and environment’s sustainability.

It is not only rules that Egypt propose to preserve sustainability. Incentives are also taking place to encourage businesses’ transition towards sustainable behaviour. The Egyptian minister Dr. Mohamed Maait stated the Egypt is committed to:

  • Improving the revenue and tax system to encourage the shift to green activities to reduce emissions.
  • Proposing a system of incentives and initiatives to support the transition to a green economy.
  • Expanding the use of green financing means.
  • Seeking to direct 50% of government investment to projects that are environmentally sustainable.

Despite being responsible for less than 0.6% of the global harmful emissions, Egypt is conveying a crucial message to the whole world, our planets and health won’t recover on their own. It needs us to be sincere in our efforts to make an impact. It is all about us, #Together_for_Implementation, #Together_Preserving_Sustainability.

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