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About us

ACTIVA® International is a pioneer Egyptian Biocides producer established in 2018.

Our business works to apply our know-hows and expertise to create innovative tailored solutions to our customers’ problems challenges. Our goal is to make their products completely immune to any destructive microorganisms and help optimize their water use. We are also building the first biocide factory in the MEA region. A big step that will help us reach and serve the majority of the region. ACTIVA® currently runs a fully equipped laboratory to continuously research, test and develop cost efficient solutions that serve your business.
Our line of biocide products and specialty additives are innovatively designed to maximize the performance and durability of our customer’s products. ACTIVA® offers a wide range of customized products that can help businesses preserve, optimize and rejuvenate their products and guarantee a healthy future for their businesses and for our next generations.
We serve a wide range of industries including Coatings, detergents, paper, adhesives, sealants, water treatments, plastics, cosmetics, crude oil and Fuel.

30 Years of Experience

About us


Khaled Awwad is an Egyptian businessman and plastics manufacturing consultant. He has 10 years of work experience in sales management roles in one of the biggest coating companies in the world. This experience has allowed Khaled to establish a deep understanding of both B2B and B2C business models. In the year 2008, he established Chempart Polymers Egypt, also known as CPP. Set out to conquer the world of specialty plastic additives and raw polymer materials, he was able to completely take over the local market and expand to the region in an astonishing time frame. Today, CPP is one of the biggest polymer agents in the region, while Khaled is considered one of the most established influential consultants in the field of plastic manufacturing technologies.
In 2018, and with a vision to be the first and biggest specialty additives and biocide manufacturer in both Africa and the Middle East, Khaled established ACTIVA® International. His aim was to build a sustainable business that helps other businesses grow as sustainably. He believes that with innovation ACTIVA® will become one of the world’s biggest in its field very soon.

Our Pillars of Success


Our curiosity & intelligence are driven by our partners’ business. Thus, we listen first! This way we can accurately define their needs, wants, struggles and challenges and be ready to tackle them. These findings do not just inspire us to create new innovations but also to further modify and add features to our existing products and services.

Researching, developing and innovating

There is always an area of development, this is what makes a pioneer. Our Research and development team is always looking for new areas where we can expand our knowledge base and apply our expertise. This way, we will always be a step ahead of all new challenges.


Society and environment are our top of mind.Our work model revolves around the concept of sustainable development. We urge the rational use of resources and know the importance of protecting them. We also understand the social layers of sustainability and factor them in all our planning.


Customizing and Diversifying

We all are responsible for our world’s wellbeing. We help you with the right material. We consciously source our raw materials and ensure our final products will positively impact our partners’ business and help it sustainably grow. We currently offer specialty additives and biocides that serve eleven different industries and are constantly working towards becoming more inclusive.

#Detex2024 #detergents#preservingsustainability

We're thrilled to announce that our team will be present at Detex 2024, the highly anticipated detergent event in the Middle East. As industry leaders in the field of preservatives, we're excited to showcase our latest innovations and connect with fellow experts, manufacturers, and enthusiasts in the field.
#Detex2024 #detergents#preservingsustainability